IQAC Members

  1. Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith (Chairperson)
    Prof. Bharat Joshi
  2. Teachers to represent all levels
    1. Dr. Amisha Shah, Assistant Professor, Centre for Studies in Rural Management
    2. Dr. Dhwanil Parekh, Associate Professor, Department of Gujarati
    3. Prof. Srinivas Murty, Professor, Department of Biogas Research and Microbiology
    4. Prof. Niraj Shilawat, Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science
    5. Prof. Punita Harne, Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
    6. Prof. Bharat Joshi, HoD, Department of Education


  3. One member from the Board of Management
    Dr.  Sudarshan Iyengar
  4. Senior Administrative Officers
    1. Registrar, Gujarat Vidyapith
    2. Deputy Registrar, Administration
    3. Deputy Registrar, Accounts
    4. Assistant Registrar, Academic Wing


  5. One nominee each from Society, Students and Alumni
    • Society : Shri Apoorva Oza
    • Students : Student Representative (on rotational basis)
    • Alumni : Shri Girish Suthar


  6. One member each from Employers / Industrialists / Stakeholders
    • Employers : Ms. Mirai Chatterjee
    • Industrialists : Shri Padmin Buch
    • Stakeholders : Shri Raju Thakor, KVK, Ambhethi


  7. Coordinator
    Prof. Nimisha Shukla, Professor, Department of Rural Economics
  8. Permanent Invitee
    Prof. Anamik Shah, Former Vice Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith