• To preserve, maintain and protect Gujarat Vidyapith as a living Gandhian Heritage which played pivotal role in the Freedom Struggle movements and contributed substantially towards National Education policy.
  • To educate the youth for social reconstruction in Gram Swaraj framework.
  • To achieve integration between mainstream Higher Education curricula and Gandhian thought, and also strive for academic excellence by conducting relevant research.
  • To build character and inculcate the values of equity, tolerance, dignity of labour, and self–reliance.
  • To build skill and encourage productive work as an integral part of education.
  • To promote education in the mother tongue with special emphasis on Hindi–Hindustani.
  • To promote Gandhian thought and practice at national and international level.
  • To establish links with the disadvantaged communities in society through extension activities.
  • To strive for harmonious inter community relationship for emotional integration.